Please do not resort to asking personal questions and using vulgar language.  If you have a question about Ms. Smiles' companionship abilities please visit her reviews.  The link can be found on the home page.  Savannah prefers that any reviews that would like to be considered be discussed with her first as she does not desire a multitude of reviews but rather passionate and memorable moments shared by two...

For BDSM sessions, please give a description of your experiences and  a scene that you would like to start with.  Thank you..

In addition, please be as detailed as possible as this will expedite the screening process.  Your attention to detail will lead you to places you have always wanted to be...;)

Please include any board handles, memberships, and or references from stable, verified  providers. If you do not have any of these, please provide work information for verification.  Your information will remain discreet.